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Strawbell TamuWelcome to the SCCGB (the Savannah Cat Club of Great Britain)!  The first Savannah Cat club in the UK!

The SCCGB is the UK's first Savannah Cat Club driven by a team of united, dedicated, and passionate Cat Lovers, Cat Owners, and Cat Breeders worldwide.  Every member of the club must willingly agree to continuously and actively support all Breed of Cats and to abide by this Club's Code of Ethics

Savannah Kittens at Strawbell Pedigree CatsAll members must do all they can to positively promote the health and welfare of each and every Cat including the Savannah Breed of Cat.

The purpose of this Club will be: To promote the SCCGB and integrate the welfare of all breeds of domestic, wild, hybrid, and none pedigree cats with a precise interest in the Savannah Breed of Cat.

In turn, the SCCGB will aim to support all legal special programs, and promote any ethical criteria that increases understanding of cats to owners and the general public, with the exception of any program that may bring the SCCGB into disrepute.  To cultivate friendship and team work amongst Savannah Cat owners; encouraging a world wide interest for continuous development of Cat Ownership, Fanciers, and Breeders.

To promote and encourage kindness to all animals and to assist in the prevention of cruelty and ill-treatment of animals.  Some great assistance in looking after and maintaining your cat can be found on Fab Cats Web Site./font>

To encourage the spaying and neutering of any and all cats not specifically being used as part of a viable breeding program in order to reduce the excessive trend to over-population of, and tragedy among, unwanted domestic cats. You are all welcome to join us!  Why should you become a member of the SCCGB?

The SCCGB would like you to become a member if you love all cats;  breed cats; own a cat or just have an interest in cats.

If you have any objective suggestions that will progress the awareness of the Savannah Cat breed and the SCCGB across Europe, please submit them here. 

When you become a member of the SCCGB, you can benefit from the free advice, knowledge and expertise of its existing Committee and club members. 
Some of which are Certified in Feline Care, some have a wide range of knowledge in Exotic Animal care, some have been breeding cats for a very long time and are equipped to provide you with general advice on looking after all cats.

You will also be part of history in bringing this exciting new breed of cat, "The Savannah Cat" to its full awareness in the UK and Europe. 
Please be prepared to adhere to the Savannah Cat Club of Great Britain's Code of Ethics.  We look forward to having you as a member!

Join us at the SCCGB.  

here first to read and accept our Code of Ethics.




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